#TravelResolutions: New year, new you, right? Well, maybe. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that bad habits are hard to break and most diets don’t last past January … but our wanderlust is here to stay.

If you are making travel a top priority in 2020, here are a few resolutions to consider.

File your vacation times ahead

Start marking the long weekends in your planner. You cannot truly relax in your hotel if you intentionally skipped work without informing your boss. Filing your VLs ahead of time will also help your co-workers plan out their vacation without leaving your office undermanned.

Purchase tickets early

Buy your flights, tours and accommodation early. Not only are there always amazing early bird sales where you can save some serious cash but, buying everything in advance means you have travel to look forward to, which is something massive to get excited about. Having travel to look forward to is super exhilarating and it also means that you have a goal – it may be the light at the end of that tunnel that you so desperately need.

Explore Your City

Stumped when asked to recommend destinations on your own doorstep? Most of us tend to turn to our bucket list when it comes to travel goals, often losing sight of the incredible destinations right under our noses.Being a tourist in your own city allows you to know it much better. Visit that hidden temple around the corner or sign up for a walking tour. Better still, be a good host and accompany your guests to the touristy places you might have ignored earlier. You will be surprised with what you discover in your own backyard.

Learn some local phrases

Spend some time with the local community. Talk to them, play with the kids, partake a meal or two and discover their local traditions. Along the way, learn a few local phrases that can help you make your way around in that town. The engagement with the locals is bound to make your travel more memorable.

Go on a solo trip

We say it often, but 2020 is the best year to emphasise that travelling by yourself does not mean you will be lonely. Everyone that can, should experience solo travel at least once in their lifetime. Apart from being able to do as you please, in just one trip you’ll learn how to become self-reliant and trust your instincts, all while getting invaluable experience. The freedom you find while travelling solo is hard to replicate in group trips and back at home our daily lives.

Pack Smart

Going on a vacation is your golden opportunity to strut your new outfits and take gorgeous photos. But this does not mean that you should be taking your entire wardrobe with you. Pack smart. Know the weather in your destination so you could choose the right clothes to bring. If you are going to a beach, you can mix and match outfits for your day and night time activities.

Know your rights as a traveller

Has your flight been cancelled? Did you suitcase not show up on the other side? Knowing your rights and understanding what to do when things aren’t going according to the plan are only in your interest. Swot up on flight cancellation and insurance policies before you travel so even when there is a hiccup, it will be smooth sailing!

Be a kind and respectful traveller

Being a kind and respectful traveller has never been more important. Yes, those long lines in the airport are annoying, but tutting and sighing your way through will only unsettle you and your fellow passengers. Remember you are on your way to exploring a beautiful country; being kind to them will only make things easier for you. Likewise, striving to be a respectful traveller and responsible tourist is as important. Being mindful of local customs, traditions, wildlife, and culture will make your globetrotting footprint a positive one.

Start Saving For that Trip

It’s possible to travel on a budget, but 2019 is as good a year as any to start saving for the dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Whether it’s taking a luxury arctic cruise, visiting Africa for a safari, saving a little something every month will eventually add up to the trip of a lifetime! If you’re serious about making it happen, keep track of your expenses and put a percentage of each paycheck into your travel piggy bank!

Tick one large sight off your travel bucket-list

Which large sight will you tick off your travel bucket-list for 2020? Could it be the Great Pyramids of Giza? ? Or how about Angkor Wat? For you it could be as big as one of sights we’ve mentioned, or it could be something like eating tagine in Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco, or visiting the fairy-tale land of Cappadocia. Whatever is your one large sight that you want to visit, make sure you get it done in 2020 to get it ticked off your travel bucket-list.

What travel resolutions are you making for 2020? Share them with us in the comment! 


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