Some sculptors need a ton of marble or  steel to get creating. Laetitia Ky, an artist based in the Ivory Coast, just needs some wire, thread, and her own hair.  When we talk about art, we introduce ourselves in an unlimited space: there are no rules about content, nor matter, nor tools. innovative hair sculptures of Laetitia Ky it makes us expand the look towards a new concept.

Having amassed over 250,000  followers on Instagram, Ky explains, “Thousands of people can say the same thing without it having the same impact. What makes the difference is the way you say it. Art makes it possible to reach more people because it finds an original, particular way to speak about the subject so that many people will linger.

Her Instagram posts range in emotion and topic, from a playful light bulb to a pistol meant to symbolise her opposition to gun violence.

Laetitia Ky is Literally the Epitome of Black Girl Magic.

Laetitia calls her sculpt invention the KY concept. She begins by wrapping her braids in African lion cloth and cuts them in strips and then wraps the cloth round the braids.

“There are mixed reactions, there are a lot of different opinions, I get racist comments from people who do not understand and find it ugly.

She believes that these sculptures are a representation of her culture, an expression of herself as an African and a medium of tackling issues.

Laetitia adds that since she started braid sculpting, she has had several people come up to her to share how she has helped them feel better about their looks and origin.


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#Anxiety and #depression. to always have that voice in your head that makes you doubt your choices, your potential, your strength, your ambitions… a voice that only remind you of all the negative points of your life, your failures and your faults. A feeling that makes you forget how beautiful and amazing life can be. Extremely deep, chronic anxiety usually leads to depression. Unfortunately in Africa generally it is an extremely neglected issue. People dont view depression or anxiety as a disease. The victims are considered weak-minded, too """"white"""" in the head. Yet it is something serious that can completely destroy a life. If you are going through a period of depression or anxiety please talk to others about it. Dont stay alone and dont let this disease lie to you. You are stronger, more courageous than this feeling want to make you believe. I talk about it because myself as a pessimist who try to heal, I have been in these last months. I have an untold number of people around me who are concerned too. It's crazy … as if the organization of the current society was established to make depressive people. We have the power to change it. A lot of love, sharing, positivism and listening can help. #ps i had fun doing that piece lol

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