Supporting black-owned businesses helps the black community to thrive, and now there are several apps and websites that make finding these businesses easier than ever. there are many ways you can take action in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the black community. Apart from donating to organisations combatting racial injustice. you can also support and shop black-owned businesses.

 We’ve rounded up a list of five apps or websites that will help direct you to Black-owned businesses.

We Buy Blackapps websites supporting black communitiesWe Buy Black is the largest online marketplace for black-owned businesses to showcase and sell their products to a global community. You can find everything from quality children’s toys to unique jewelry choices here.

Afroworldapps websites supporting black communities 1AfroWorldconnects consumers to global black-owned businesses and professionals. You can search the site by specialty or location and make educated decisions with the help of reviews and profiles

6 Ways You Can Support Black- Owned Businessess During COVID-19 Pandemic

Official Black Wall Street (iOS and Android)apps websites supporting black communities 3

In 2015, Mandy Bowman founded the Official Black Wall Streetafter learning about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. White residents targeted homes and businesses of the Greenwood neighborhood, which used to be known as Black Wall Street.

Describing itself as the largest platform for Black businesses, one unique aspect about the app is that it sends push notifications whenever you’re near a Black-owned business.


Founded in 2016 by Anothy Edwards and Janique Bradley, eatOrka is a Black-owned restaurant directory. As of right now, the app features over 2,500 Black-owned restaurants across the country. With eatOkra, you can search by cuisine and location. Once you’ve identified the restaurant you’d like to patronize, you can select delivery or navigate. Select delivery and the app will show you which apps or services the restaurant delivers through. Select navigate, and you’ll be shown directions through your preferred navigation app or ride-share service. On the app, you can also recommend a business to be featured.

According to the company’s website, eatOkra’s mission is “to provide a food-themed directory that encourages fellowship through one specific avenue, Black food.”

Download eatOkra on iOS

iZania5 sites and apps that make it easier to support black owned businesses 2iZania is a network of high quality black-owned businesses, consumers, and professionals. The site includes a directory, an online marketplace, and blogs.



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