Hello Sisters! Are you ready to dance your heart out at your favourite music festivals/Concerts this Detty December?

Whether you are going to Afrochella, Afro-nation, Afropunk or Flytime Festival in Lagos. We’ve got the perfect festival hairstyles for you.

So, What are the elements for the perfect festival hair?

  • it has to be unique: Music festivals are not the time to be shy.
  • It has to be functional: Remember,  you are going to be spending all day out in the hot sun, and all night dancing. A hairstyle too delicate may fall out, so be sure to choose a style that will hold.

Read on for a list of our top 10 favourite hairstyles that are spectacular for festivals this year and have the potential to end upon those coveted fashion blogs.


  1. Bohemian BraidsYou can’t go wrong with beautiful, bohemian inspired braids. This braid will keep your hair out of your face.

2. Cornrows: For a black woman, Cornrows is always a go to style that suites various length and textures.

3. Water Wave braids

4. Let your curls fly big and free! it’s very Wakanda

5. Lots area great way to experiment and keep your natural hair underneath protected.

6. Box Braid- They look amazing on just anyone


7. Jumbo Faux locs: They are amazing in so many ways

8. Waist Bohemian locs: Simple, yet brilliant: Go forth and slay in this waist bohemian locks. its always a good idea.


9.  Hair pins are wavy and also festival-friendly. Also, just think, if your phone dies your friend will be able to spot you easily.

10. Ombre braids are a safe alternative for experimenting with color and a fun way to take on festival season.

Feel good, look good- and ready to hit the Festival!!


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