Africa is such a dynamic and fascinating continent. It’s an incredible place to soak in history and learn about the past. One especially fascinating and visually stunning period here is the turn of the twentieth century.

Tucked away out on the east coast of Africa lies one of the most unique accommodations one could ever experience. Nairobi, Kenya is home to the world renowned Giraffe Manor.  Incredibly preserved and sitting on top of 140 acres of land, this place is like stepping into a dream.

Giraffe Manor, famous for its resident herd of Rothschild Giraffe, is a luxury boutique hotel built in the 1930s which has maintained its glorious periodic charm throughout the years.

This exclusive manor is furbished with 10 en-suite luxury bedrooms, including a honeymoon master bedroom and a family suite. The rooms are inspired by the Manor’s long history and feature large four-poster beds and antique furnishings.

Breakfast and lunch are served in chandelier-decorated room with vast windows, and dinner takes place in a candle-lit wood-panelled drawing room. There is also a spa and a shop selling arts and crafts.

By the time you leave the manor, you’ll know each of the resident Rothchild Giraffes by name, the giraffes are known to poke their heads through the window whilst you enjoy your breakfast, eat out of your hands and give you slobbering kisses on the front terrace!Breakfast with the giraffes.

  • When To Visit

Giraffe Manor is open all year with the exception of mid-April to mid-May, which is when they do maintenance and repairs. As Kenya is close to the equator, there are few seasonal differences, although the rainy seasons are mid-March to May and mid-October to December.

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Do We Recommend Giraffe Manor

Absolutely! Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, want to bring children over, or simply you’re a big fan of giraffes, this unique hotel will satisfy your cravings.

Check out their availability calendar here, but book in advance.

Have you ever been to the Giraffe Manor?  Let us know about your experience in the comments below!


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