The Best Travel Podcasts For Anyone Longing To Hit The Road Again. While travel may be on hold now and we don’t know exactly for how long. Satisfy your wanderlust for new places by listening to top rated travel podcasts that transport you through experiential narratives and uplifting travelogues.

We’ve gathered a list of travel podcasts from the perspective of  Black travellers and expats

Here are five Black expat podcasts you should be following:

Black Women Travel Podcast

Black Women Travel Podcast shares the stories of Black women who dreamed to make travel a priority. This community of bold women from around the world has shared their travel stories including short-term travelers based in a country, to long-term travelers living as digital nomads or working abroad

Melanin and Miles

Melanin and Miles is a weekly travel podcast for dedicated to millennials and gen-z black women hosted by Joi Wade and Janelle Layton.

From destination recaps,  shooting great video and photos on your trip, budget travel, or traveling as a vegan, the two cover various topics for listeners.

New episodes are available every Tuesday

Meet Nduulwa, Host Of Dear Diaspora Podcast


Ungentrified is a podcast hosted by Kent Johnson. His name may ring a bell for some as he’s the co-founder of the popular brand Black and Abroad.

Ungentrified is not a podcast dedicated necessarily to the expat experience, but it takes a pure and unfiltered view on pop culture, music, television and film, politics, current events, and topics central to the worldwide black community.

Johnson describes it as a safe audio space for celebrating black culture in its purest form.

The Travel (Guy)des

Hosted by Just GQ and International P, this podcast aims to make travel accessible to everyday people and features interviews with travelers who all share stories about their recent trips while offering tips and hacks for making traveling just a little easier and more accessible.

Download The Travel (Guy)des Here



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