Chefchaouen, arguably one of the prettiest towns in Morocco. Featured all over Instagram, the artsy blue-washed village feels as if you’ve been transported into a new world the minute you arrive.

Nicknamed “The Blue Pearl,” the village was founded in 1471 by Jews and Moors who were fleeing from Spain. There are many different theories as to why it’s blue. Some say it was painted by the Jews who settled there after escaping Europe in the 1930s, while others say it keeps the mosquitos away.

And for those who are wondering: No, the pictures don’t lie, the medina (old town) really is as blue as it looks and it’s a perfect playground for all of us photo-hunters ! Chefchaouen certainly lives up to its name. All of the buildings are painted in a blue and white palette that will make you feel as though you’ve left the country to enter a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Around every corner and down every little alleyway is a picture perfect scene that is just waiting to be captured!

We’ve compiled 12 of our favourite photos that will hopefully inspire you to plan a trip to see the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen for yourself!

chefchaouen-photo-guide-the blue-street

Chefchaouen Morocco Inspiration-7


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19 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Chefchaouen, Morocco

Tips for Photographing Chefchaouen

⋙ BEAT THE CROWDS – If you want to get shots without the massive amounts of people, get up early in the morning. In addition to beating the crowds, the first hour or so after sunrise has some of the best lighting.
⋙ BE PATIENT – Even in the early morning, there will be other people into photography who are out and about. Most people take their photo and move on, but some will take what seems like forever to take a portrait. Just be patient and it will clear up.
⋙ GET TO THE SPANISH MOSQUE EARLY – That’s an incredibly popular spot for sunset, so be sure to get there early enough to have a spot to view the sunset.
⋙ WEAR SOMETHING THAT POPS – If you’re looking to take portraits, where a color that contrasts and will pop. White, yellow, black or pink especially pop!

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