Men are usually left behind when it comes to fashion, while women have many ways to express their fashion senses, men are limited on their choices, making some of them think that fashion wasn’t made for their best interest. Let me say that it’s absolutely wrong, many brands are trying to value men through fabrics and accessories, and give them choices and a voices in terms of fashion.

Africa is the continent with the most multi-cultural population, this diversity is a great factor and arouses inspiration through many creatives’ fashion designers, which work effortlessly to push boundaries and represent their cultures, making statements through their brands.

We are going to showcase 10 African brands who look into men’s fashion and decided there was something to make in order to allow men to be actors in the fashion industry and also for them to be more creative when it comes to get the right outfit trending.

(These brands offer both women’s and men’s wear but we will focus on their men’s apparel)

Men's wear


Instagram: @officialankv


“The new Africa” is a new colored brand from Ghana that proposed in its debut spring collection clothes with CORAL REEFS inspiration. Authenticity, luxury, printed, these looks will make you love nature, every shades of blue and flashy clothes.


Men's wear    


Sarah Diouf is the founder of this brand that celebrates African fashion and “Made in Africa”. Founded in 2016, she started with the idea of showcasing women’s beauty and silhouettesthrough her designs but later on, men started having their own wardrobe concept with unique pieces, affordable.


Good Good Good was founded in 2016 in Cape Town and focuses on elevating modern streetwear using high quality and ethnical fabrics with classic tailoring fabrics. They want to push African’s expectations in terms of streetwear. They propose authentic men outlet aiming to bring comfort and versatility.


10 African Fashion Brands That Magnify Men's Wear


Based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and founded by Aristide Loua in 2017, this brand displays handmade clothes by tailors/artisans (suits, blazers, pants…), with fabrics made in Africa for the purpose of promoting local traditions, heritage and craftsmanship. Discover classy looks, bold colors for any occasions.

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5- Emmy Kasbit 

This brands brings aesthetics to another level. Launched in 2014 by Okoro Emmanuel, he wanted to reinterpret and reinvent vintage looks in a contemporary way mixed with his Nigerian roots and culture. Every creative pieces of their collection will make you feel like you were on a Vogue magazine every time you will wear them or even only laying your eyes on them. It’s a brand for “unconventional man who likes to think outside of the box and willing to defend his outfit as deliberate not accidental”

Men's wear

Instagram: @Bloke_ng


Bloke claims being an androgynous brand neither masculine nor feminine. Faith Oluwajimi, designer of the brand is inspired by the concept of nothingness in his artistic journey and try to blur the boundaries by creating art that will be remembered and clothes that delivers a statement to avoid gender stereotypes, a clothing line for everyone.


10 African Fashion Brands That Magnify Men's Wear


Delasebure is a brand made with Wax fabrics created by Bernie Seb and made in Burkina Faso. He wants to push boundaries and all sort of conformism when it comes to fashion and play with feminine and masculinity to free their customers about their worries on the shape their clothes should have depending on their gender.


Instagram: @oloohconcept


A Unisex Brand created by Kader Diaby made in Côte d’Ivoire that value self-expression and self-made. Every piece of every clothes are made in Côte d’Ivoire precisely in the commune of Treichville and Grand Bassam. Their clothes are “avant-garde” and display high fashion, elegance.


10 African Fashion Brands That Magnify Men's Wear


Like its name, this Nigerian brand created by Adebayo Oke-Lawal brings a variety of colors for every choices. The menswear collections are represented by dark skin men rocking red, pink, orange, prints motifs. This offers a new way for African men to express their creativity, their mood colorfully through their clothes.




Atto Tetteh is a menswear brand founded in October 2014 in Accra, Ghana. They are telling African stories of strong, courageous men through their clothes and claim that men have to be fashionable too while keeping their strength and pride. They provide quality and trendy clothes for men around the world, with every single details linked to African culture.

-Written by Yao Boni


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